Anastasia Glukhova (Laki)


Architect, Scenographer

Anastasia is educated as an architect, she graduated with MSc degree in spring 2016 in Helsinki and afterwards moved to Oslo. She has been working in the field since 2010, being involved in various design, research, speculative and multidisciplinary projects in Norway, Finland and Russia.
Arkitekt, Scenograf

Anastasia er utdannet som arkitekt med MSc degree i Helsinki og Moskva. Hun bor og jobber i Oslo nå. Hun har jobbet i feltet siden 2010, var involvert i ulike design, forskning, spekulative og tverrfaglige prosjekter i Norge, Finland og Russland.

Recent projects

                                                                 IONA / Koie + Ferske Scener / 29. June 2017
                                                                 Scenography, costumes, visuals concept and co-production,
                                                                 graphic design, website 

                                                                             Pyramiden AFTERLIFE /Thesis project & publication @ Architecture Department,                                                                     Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture / March 2016

                                                                             Sporadic revitalisation strategy, Festival of Performans Arts and design of the new                                                                                multifunctional performans space in abandoned town in Svalbard, 2016